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I strongly believe in inclusion and I have deep respect for our cultural differences. Global leaders know that diversity is the strength that help us raise the bar of excellence and break down all barriers that hinder our progress. I have learned and experienced this during my long professional career working with multi cultural teams. Diversity runs deep in my family. My eldest brother lived in Ontario, Canada, second brother a retired professor lives in Denver, Colorado . My eldest sister is living in Malmo, Sweden with her family. My third brother and two sisters live in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. My eldest daughter lives with her husband in Manchester, UK, and my second daughter is living with her husband in New York. My son Mohammed has graduated from Morgantown, West Virginia and continued his graduate studies at Liverpool UK. My youngest daughter lives with her husband and their two kids in Dhahran. I worked in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Snyder, Texas. I lived in Beirut, London, Chicago, San Diego and Morgantown, West Virginia. I love meeting and making friends around the world and I was lucky to have visited most Europe and Far East and all Middle East countries including Egypt and made friends in every country I visited. I am honored to be a part of the Toastmasters fraternity, a global organization, that transforms us to become better individuals. I am privileged to have made many friends who share same values and believe in what Dr. Ralph Smedley has said: “Understanding comes through communication, and through understanding we find the way to peace”.

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Leadership is an action, not a position.

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Every leader’s journey is a personal one - with opportunities to seize and problems to face.The journey of Leadership, as a result, is primarily a self-discovery. Before your venturing into leading other people, you will seek answers within yourself to acquire clarity about your path in life. You will be compelled to define your values, ideas, concepts, and expectations for yourself.







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Successful leadership isn’t a matter of personal star power, luck, or ambition. “We sometimes think great Leadership requires great charisma, and although that certainly helps to sell a story, it is not enough, or even essential. At a very basic level a great Leader grows by helping others grow along the way.